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Each Fragrance design is written and drawn from the founder's vision & imagination. As a famous fragrance influencer and collector, Victor knows what combination of oils makes complementary scents. Our product designs always use imagery, emotions, and therapeutic benefits to create products that will positively stimulate your mind, body, and spirit.

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Luxury Organics with health benefits for your life, this is what true LOVH is. Our commitment is to deliver only the highest quality products using natural and authentic ingredients. We live to positively impact the world by developing aromatherapeutic by-products, lotions, and fragrances using only ingredients native to the earth.

Our Process


You can expect 100% Authentic fragrance & quality products in premium eco-friendly [glass] containers. We expertly package & decant in a safe-serve clean environment with a fully vaccinated staff that uses gloves and masks during the packaging process. We have strict sanitation and a "white glove" service policy - Authentic Fragrance Guaranteed.

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