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Imagine a world where your choices create a ripple of positive change. That's what happens when you embrace Luxury Organics by Victor Hugo (LOVH). Born in the USA, LOVH crafts fragrances, cosmetics, and home products that lift your spirits and nurture the Earth. Each item is a labor of love, blending organic native ingredients into eco-friendly treasures that nurture your well-being. As you indulge in LOVH, you help write a new chapter, enabling us to grow, create, and share our passion for sustainable organic luxury.

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As a Certified Life Coach & Aromatherapist, Victor Alvia combines his knowledge of essential oils, aroma, and therapy to create uplifting & holistic products that will eliminate negative energy by enhancing your mood. With each handcrafted product, he hopes to boost your confidence by creating high-quality organic perfume & essential oil blends that will bring Peace, Joy, and LOVH to your mind, body, and home.

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